Yaw Puck Pulling Kit


In collaboration with wind industry groups, we have created a kit designed to make removal of the Yaw Brake Pucks much easier.  The kit comes with all the parts and pieces required to pull brake pucks. The process is to use the threaded thru hole in the puck to pull which many of you know won’t always work.  When the thru hole is not an option we include the Tap and Guides to thread the ID of your Brake Pucks.

The kit then pulls the puck with the larger thread which guarantees they will come out.  Once the pucks are pulled if they need the larger thread we can also thread the internals of your pucks to prep them for next time so you can ensure they will come out without issue.

Please call or email us for quotes, we have many more tools we’ve helped to make Wind Technicians lives easier!!  Or if you have a custom need for a tool to help with your wind application or problem let us know!!

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